WAIVER This waiver of Liability and Release must be read and agreed to by anyone participating in specific events or activities run by ST. JOHN’S BEER TOURS. Participation in these events or activities is prohibited unless this form has been read and agreed upon. This consent shall be valid throughout the duration of participation of the signor in the specific event or activity as stated above.

I agree and understand that by registering with ST. JOHN’S BEER TOURS (SJBT), I waive all claims of liability against SJBT and the partner organizations involved in the tour. This includes the owners, tour guides, employees and staff of SJBT and any brewery, restaurant, pub or tourism establishment visited on tour. I am voluntarily requesting a tour and I expressly agree to assume the entire risk of any and all accidents or personal injury which I might suffer during my tour, whether due to negligence or not. As a participant on a brewery tour, I understand that alcohol will be consumed and that I am over the legal drinking age of 19 years.

I, in consideration of the opportunity to engage in a tour, on behalf of myself, heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns, hereby forever agree to release, discharge and undertake not to sue the tour operator named above and each and all of its related companies, officers, directors and employees from any and all claims, demands, causes or action or liability of any kind whatsoever for injuries or property damages that I may now or in the future have, known or unknown, which in any way result from or arise out of or during the course of my tour.

ST. JOHN’S BEER TOURS role is limited to arranging tours and providing access to partner organizations and they do not assume liability for any bodily injury, accidents, or damage and theft to personal property that may occur while on tour. I understand that I willingly enter into this agreement when I purchase or accept a spot on tour. I also acknowledge that while on tour I will be engaging in walking tours of breweries and knowingly accept any and all risks associated.

I also understand that I am responsible for my behaviour and agree to conduct myself in a respectful manner towards SJBT and all its tour guides, employees and owners, and towards all partner breweries on tour. SJBT has the right to refuse service to customers who violate this code of conduct at any point while on tour.

I declare that I have read this release and waiver of liability and indemnity agreement, and further agree that no oral representations, statements or inducements apart from the foregoing written agreement have been made.

Safety Regulations & Code of Conduct As a participant on a brewery tour, you agree to the following safety regulations and code of conduct. We will be visiting working breweries on our tours and these regulations are in place to ensure your safety.
  • RESPECT your tour guide, fellow tour friends, staff at the breweries or other establishments, and everyone you come in contact with on our tours
  • DRINK responsibly and know your own limits.
  • BEHAVE in a respectable manner at all times. Your tour guide or staff at any of our partnering breweries or drinking establishments reserve the right to terminate your tour prematurely if your behaviour infringes on the safety or rights of others.
  • PAY attention at all times. We visit working breweries and you must be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • WEAR appropriate footwear. Close-toed shoes must be worn in working breweries. No open toed shoes allowed on our tours.
  • CHILDREN are totally welcome on our tour but must be accompanied by an adult. We won’t serve them beer, but we will share tons of knowledge about how breweries work and how beer is made!

Photos and Videos
Part of the tour experience involves group photos and other photos taken for our own purposes. You understand that when registering for a spot on tour, you grant SJBT the right to use any photos or videos collected of you for promotional, social media or commercial purposes. Other guests may take photos too. Of course, we make all necessary efforts to portray your likeness in a respectful manner and ask that you do so too if taking photos of other guests. You also understand and agree to grant SJBT a royalty-free license to use these images or videos of your likeness.